Exacta Packaging Designs - Premier US Mosaic and Bullnose Manufacturer | Exacta Packaging Designs Mosaic Manufacturer
Exacta is the premier manufacturer of mosaics and bullnose in the United States. Our services include mosaics, bullnose, tiles cut to size, waterjet, steel rule dies, and more.
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Our History

January 2020

We have changed the company name of both facilities to “EXACTATILES, INC.” which better reflects our business.


We have ordered our 2nd automated high-volume cutting line from Tecnema Technologies & GV Service.  Delivery, installation, and startup to happen in July ’17.  This will add much needed mosaic cutting capacity.


Installed the 2nd filter press to our water treatment plant and modified a tile cutting line to be able to cut up to 48″ tile


Installed our 6th tile cutting line


Installed a new bullnose production line.  We also purchased the assets of Bullnose USA in Ontario CA and transferred all equipment to Dallas.  This added our 5th tile cutting line, our 2nd bullnose line, our second automated paint line, and our third mosaic gluing line.


Installed our 4th tile cutting line


Added a new large filter press to our water treatment plant


Installed a new tile cutting line


As our mosaic business grew we relocated from our small 8,000 sf building to a new 60,000sf manufacturing plant.  At this time we also installed new cutting and gluing machines which in effect more than doubled our production capacity.


In 2009 we purchased & installed new Italian built machines to saw-cut stone and porcelain tile to various shapes and sizes of mosaics and then mesh-mount them in a very efficient manner with very high quality standards.


In mid 2007 we purchased our first mosaic gluing line. As this part of our business began to grow we researched ways to improve our processes and expand upon our current capabilities.


Exacta purchased a waterjet cutting machine and began cutting various materials from foam and rubber to aluminum, steel, stone, tile, and bullet proof glass.  We began cutting ceramic wall tile for a number of tile manufacturers and this eventually led to the decision to begin manufacturing mosaics.