Exacta Packaging Designs - Premier US Mosaic and Bullnose Manufacturer | Exacta Packaging Designs Bullnose Manufacturer
Exacta is the premier manufacturer of mosaics and bullnose in the United States. Our services include mosaics, bullnose, tiles cut to size, waterjet, steel rule dies, and more.
Exacta Packaging Designs, exactapak, bullnose, stair thread, bulllnosing
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In September of 2014, we installed and started up our first bullnose line.  This line can bullnose and polish tile at an incredible rate with a very high-quality edge.  The machinery also has the capability to produce stair treads as well.  In October of 2016, we added a second bullnose production line to continue to support of sales growth.  These bullnose lines are supported by two completely automated paint lines, with each having a two-color capability to better color match the tile being run.