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Exacta is the premier manufacturer of mosaics and bullnose in the United States. Our services include mosaics, bullnose, tiles cut to size, waterjet, steel rule dies, and more.
Exacta Packaging Designs, exactapak, steel rule dies
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Custom Laser Cut Steel Rule Dies


ALL dies that Exacta produces are made using our 1000w LaserCut CO2 laser which has a cutting envelope of 50″ x 100″. This machine allows us to achieve tolerances of +/-.005″ and provides us with a highly accurate dieboard and a fast turn around time. Whether your die base is made of a laser compatible birch or maple, permaplex or rayform, or even acrylic, our machine can produce it!



Automatic Steel Rule Bending


With our Adams EasyBender, our dies are built faster and more accurately than ever before! Our machine has the capability of bending, notching, mitering, and cutting 2pt & 3pt rule from .918″ to 1.5″ tall.


Close Tolerance Dies


The combination of our highly precise laser, an automatic rule bender, and professional die makers gives us the capability to build very tight tolerance cutting dies. Once our dies are built they are meticulously checked with our Accugage CMM system to ensure that they have been built to the tolerances specified by our customers prior to being shipped.


Waterjet Ejection Rubber


With our waterjet cutting machine, we cut the ejection rubber profiles for our dies out of a single sheet of rubber. This ensures that every piece of rubber is exactly the same thickness and is properly spaced from the cutting rule. This method of die rubbering can help improve the speed of your press and reduce make-ready time associated with the conventional method of block-rubbering dies. Our waterjet can also cut custom steel backer plates, die inserts, stripping boards, etc..