Exacta Packaging Designs - Premier US Mosaic and Bullnose Manufacturer | Exacta aquires TecnoTiles, Inc. in Lebanon, TN!!
Exacta Packaging Designs - Premier US Mosaics and Bullnose Manufacturer
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Exacta aquires TecnoTiles, Inc. in Lebanon, TN!!

Exacta Packaging Designs, Inc. located in Carrollton, TX has aquired TecnoTiles, Inc. located in Lebanon, TN.  This acquisition positions the company as the largest privately owned mosaic and bullnose manufacturer in North America.

Day-to-Day operations of TecnoTiles will be managed by General Manager Alberto Paolo Ferrari with operations overseen by Managing Partner Tom Spitz.  The company will still be known as TecnoTiles and will continue to serve it’s customers with the fantastic service and quality products they’ve become know for.  Manufacturing capabilities at TecnoTiles will be broadened and expanded over the coming months to give them an ever wider ranging product offering to support their customers.